Gabriel Solomons


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World Film Locations Book Series

Group Editor and Art Direction


The city continues to play a central role in a multitude of films, helping us to frame our understanding of place and of the world around us. Whether as elaborate directorial loveletters or as time specific cultural settings, the city acts as a vital character in helping to tell a story and these are the issues that have prompted the creation of the World Film Locations book series. Each book explores and reveals the relationship between the city and cinema with short bite-sized texts about carefully chosen film scenes, illustrated throughout with evocative movie stills and complimented by short but insightful essays about themes, ideas and key historical periods relating to each individual city.

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The Big Picture Film Magazine

Editor-In-Chief and Art Direction


The Big Picture is a magazine that explores film in a wider context using the power of imagery to show just how moving moving pictures can be. From posters and evocative objects to photo essays and real-life stories beyond the borders of the screen, the magazine offers a unique perspective on the world of film. The Big Picture is available in print and online formats to subscribers, plus, it is now available as a free App from the iTunes App store. PDF downloads and print issues are also available from Scribd and MagCloud.

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The Occasional Dad-O-Graphic


The Occasional Dad-O-Graphic is an online set of illustrations that attempt to simplify the highly complex business of parenthood. The quick and - at times - obscure graphic doodles should hopefully raise a smile, make you think or, perhaps, do both. Weekly postings are currently featured on Babycenter, one of the largest and most successful family and parenting websites on the web.

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Struck is a Photographic Project by Martin Tompkins and Gabriel Solomons. The project emerged through a discussion about the destructive natural phenomena of lightning strikes and the innate beauty of these contorted, often solitary 'figures' dotted around the British countryside. The trees are a visible testament to the moment they were struck, an instant frozen in time.

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